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First of all… Congratulations!


You’re already engaged and you are now thinking to get married in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background ! A wedding at the Eiffel Tower could not be a more romantic way yo get married!

Hey ! My name is Pierre TORSET, a Paris-based photographer specialized in Paris Weddings since 2012, and I have captured countless intimate ceremonies and elopements at the Eiffel Tower, hence this guide to help couples with this beautiful idea to travel half the world tohave a wedding at the Eiffel Tower!

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When planning an Eiffel Tower wedding in Paris you can choose between different types of locations and different views on the Eiffel Tower. This Guide will help you find the best spots and locations between:

1. Having an outdoor & Public location for your ceremony & Elopement in Paris (see below)

2. Booking a Private Paris wedding venue with Eiffel Tower view (which could be recommended in case you have guests and/or want to keep intimate).




The following locations are all outdoors at a public place. That means you don’t have to pay any fee to use them for your wedding photo shoot or Paris elopement ceremony. Isn’t that awesome! That also means that these locations cannot be privatized. So you may have to share the location with others.

The area around the Eiffel Tower is extremely popular among visitors and locals alike. So the only way to beat the crowds is to schedule your Eiffel Tower wedding ideally early in the morning. This way you will avoid many passersby in the background of your Paris elopement wedding photos. In addition you will be as quiet and intimate as it gets for your elopement ceremony in Paris. Plus the light in the early morning is the most flattering.

All the Eiffel Tower photos you see on my website and Instagram have been shot in the early morning. So get up early to fully enjoy the following Eiffel Tower wedding locations under ideal circumstances:

1. Trocadero – Best view on the Eiffel Tower

You want these stunning and open views with the Eiffel Tower at hand’s reach? Then Trocadero will probably be your first choice for your Eiffel Tower wedding photos.

Fits with: Wedding photos
The Trocadero is a gorgeous place for your Paris wedding photos. This location with a main square, little platforms and different staircases provides endless options with great Eiffel Tower views. However it is too busy and exposed to use if for a Paris elopement ceremony.

wedding eiffel tower

Time of the year/When?: all year round
No matter what season you get married in Paris, Trocadero never disappoints with it’s stunning Eiffel Tower views.

Time of the day/What time?: sunrise to early morning
Timing is key for your wedding photos at Trocadero. This location is very popular and starts to be crowded already early in the day. So we will ideally shoot there at sunrise.

My advice: Let’s start your wedding photo shoot at the Trocadero when the sun is rising followed by your elopement ceremony at another Eiffel Tower spot (see below) or another Paris elopement location!

2. Eiffel Tower Fountains

eiffel tower wedding trocadero

You want this iconic view for your wedding ceremony photos with the Eiffel Tower right in the middle? Then the Eiffel Tower Fountains should be on your list for your romantic Eiffel Tower elopement.

Fits with: Wedding ceremony & wedding photos
This is a very popular spot for elopement wedding ceremonies because of the central view on the Eiffel Tower. Also wedding photos are great here – especially when the fountain splashes water.

Time of the year/When?: all year round
We can use the Eiffel Tower fountain at any time of the year. It’s large water basin won’t be filled with water in winter though. And the fountain only splashes water during the summer months.

Time of the day/What time?: sunrise to early morning
There is only one spot to celebrate your Eiffel Tower wedding ceremony, and only a few other great angles for your elopement photos. And as mentioned the Eiffel Tower fountain is popular. So the early bird catches the worm.

My advice: Let’s get close to fountain for your wedding photos and play with the reflection of the Eiffel Tower in the water!

3. Eiffel Tower gardens

The Eiffel Tower gardens offer a variety of great spots for your Eiffel Tower wedding: grassy areas with trees and flowers, little benches along a path, a vintage merry-go-round and a bridge crossing the Seine river right in front of the Eiffel Tower.

eiffel tower wedding garden

Fits with: Wedding ceremony & Wedding photos
The large lawn in the Eiffel Tower gardens is one of my favorite places for Paris elopement ceremonies. You can enjoy a great view and are still relatively intimate.

Time of the year/When?: spring, summer & fall
The Eiffel Tower gardens are open in winter as well. But as most gardens they just look nicer in spring, summer or fall when trees have leaves and flowers are blooming.

Time of the day/What time?: sunrise to mid morning
Early to mid morning is the best time to cover the Eiffel Tower gardens. Later the areas gets crowded with visitors and Parisian alike you love setting up their picnics on the lawn in summer.

My advice: If you have rented a vintage car for your Eiffel Tower wedding then the bridge at the end of the gardens are a great spot to take wedding photos with it.

4. Eiffel Tower riverside

This is as close as you can get to the Eiffel Tower for your elopement photos and wedding ceremony in Paris. From the Eiffel Tower riverside we will enjoy an open view at close range and the laid-back vibes of the Seine riverbanks.

Fits with: Wedding ceremony & wedding photos
This is the most intimate spot for Eiffel Tower weddings. So if you would like to be as private as possible for your ceremony while still having a great view on the Eiffel Tower, then this is your place to get married in Paris!

eiffel tower wedding riverside

Time of the year/When?: all year round
Any time of the year is great for your Eiffel Tower wedding at the Seine riverbanks.

Time of the day/What time?: morning til mid afternoon
The Eiffel Tower riverside is rather calm during mornings and afternoons most of the year. However in summer and when the weather is great Parisians love to hang out here starting from the afternoon. So if you get married in Paris during summer time, let’s better schedule your Eiffel Tower wedding at the riverside in the morning.

My advice: If you are a little shy and would love to be as intimate and relaxed as possible for your outdoor elopement in a public place with an Eiffel Tower view, then the riverside is your go-to place!

5. Bir-Hakeim Bridge

wedding eiffel tower bridge

This double layer bridge got very famous through the movie “Inception”. Pont Bir-Hakeim not only looks very unique with it’s turn of the century style, but also provides great views on the Eiffel Tower.

Fits with: Wedding ceremony & Wedding photos
There is a balcony on the bridge with a view on the Eiffel Tower that we can use for your elopement ceremony and Paris wedding photos alike. However there is a lot of traffic noise on the bridge. So let’s take your Paris elopement photos on the bridge and use a quieter location for your ceremony – the riverside is only a short walk away.

Time of the year/When?: all year round
Bir-Hakeim bridge is a great location at any time of the year.

Time of the day/What time?: morning
The balcony with Eiffel Tower view is a famous place to take photos. So let’s be here early enough so that we don’t have to share the spot with too many other people.

My advice: Bir-Hakeim bridge has some covered areas. So it is a great location if the weather is bad or there is a significant risk of rain. If the worst comes to the worst we still can shoot your Eiffel Tower wedding here.

eiffel tower bridge wedding

6. Alexander III bridge

Alexander III bridge has a different vibe than Bir-Hakeim bridge. The architecture is more elegant and royal, with it’s golden statues and Parisian lampposts. You also have a view on the Eiffel Tower, but it is from further away.

Fits with: Wedding ceremony & wedding photos
This bridge is perfect for Eiffel Tower wedding photos because of it’s elegance and grandeur: The bridge itself is already a gorgeous backdrop. Plus you got Eiffel Tower views. Elopement ceremonies are possible, but you are a little exposed on the bridge.

wedding eiffel tower alexandre-3

Time of the year/When?: all year round
Beautiful all year round. It has a special charm in winter when the golden statues shine against the winter sky and light up the winter weather.

Time of the day/What time?: morning
There is a lot of traffic on Alexander III bridge and many Parisians are using it to walk or ride their bicycle to work. So be here early unless you don’t mind busy and loud.

My advice: Have your elopement ceremony at the foot of Alexander III bridge on the Seine riverbanks. You won’t see the Eiffel Tower from this spot. But you will be so much more quiet and intimate. Afterwards take your wedding photos on top of Alexander III bridge including a view on the Eiffel Tower.

7. Street with Eiffel Tower view

This street not only has a pretty view on the Eiffel Tower. But you are also surrounded by typical Parisian buildings, lampposts and cobblestone. It looks like a movie setting and is a great backdrop for your Eiffel Tower wedding.

Fits with: Wedding ceremony & Wedding photos
Definitely a great location for your wedding photos. You can also have your elopement ceremony here, but there is only one spot – so don’t be late.

Time of the year/When?: all year round
The Eiffel Tower view-street is a beautiful location at any season. I especially love it for fall weddings, because autumn foliage is beautiful here.

Time of the day/What time?: early to mid morning
Even if the Eiffel Tower street is a cul de sac, there are still cars driving and parking in this street. Also the street has a dead end for traffic, but not for pedestrians. So the later in the day the more passersby will walk here using the stairs at the end of the street.

My advice: This is another great spot to take wedding photos including your vintage car. With the century old buildings around and the classic car it will look like you are traveling in time!

eiffel tower outdoor wedding


There are many private wedding venues in Paris that you can book for your Eiffel Tower wedding. The following Paris wedding venues provide the best views on the Eiffel Tower. They are a great choice for small elopements as well as larger weddings. These are my top picks. But you can of course also find other venues with Eiffel Tower views.

There are several reasons why it can be a good idea to book a private wedding venue for your Paris elopement or wedding in Paris:

  • Wedding guests: If you are planning a wedding with guests, even if just a small one, then booking a private venue for your wedding ceremony is essential. Elopements work at outdoor private locations as well. But only because elopements are extremely small with either just the couple or at most a handful of guests.
  • Bad Weather: Private venues can usually provide you with an indoor option. So if it is raining on your wedding day then there is no need to worry about it. The bigger your wedding the more important it is to have a bad weather backup plan in place.
  • Private moment: You really don’t want to take any risk that even just a few passersby are taking your picture or talking loud in the background? You want to avoid any kind of disturbance? Then booking a private venue is a great idea for your elopement ceremony.
  • Beautiful venues: And last but not least – there are many Paris wedding venues that are simply extremely beautiful. Especially the historic hotels and venues in traditional architecture and Parisian interior style. That alone is a good reason to celebrate your Eiffel Tower wedding in a great venue with a great view.

So here are my three favorite Paris wedding venues with a stunning view on the Eiffel Tower:

1. Hotel Shangri-La Paris

wedding eiffel tower shangri-la

The Shangri-La Paris is a beautiful hotel and Paris wedding venue with historical charm. It is only a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower and has some of the most stunning Eiffel Tower views you can find in Paris. Read more here about your Shangrila Paris wedding.

Fits with: Wedding photos, wedding ceremony
You have a great choice of Eiffel Tower views at the Shangri La Hotel Paris: Several different rooms with balconies, the rooftop suite and the garden. So you can choose which view and vibe you prefer for your Eiffel Tower wedding photos and wedding ceremony in Paris.

Time of the year/When?: all year round
The hotel Shangri-La is open year-round. Especially when you booked your own Eiffel Tower view room you couldn’t be more flexible. Whatever the weather you’ll be back in your warm room anytime you need.

Time of the day/What time?: any time
As it is a private venue you are flexible with time. But in order to have the best photos of your Eiffel Tower wedding as your Paris photographer I recommend morning time or evening/night time when the Eiffel Tower starts sparkling.

eiffel-tower wedding shangrila

My advice: You need to stay in one of the Eiffel Tower view room at the hotel Shangri La Paris to be able to use it for your ceremony and photos. I recommend to book at least 2 nights so that you have a stress-free experience and can fully enjoy your wedding day.

2. Hotel Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula is a famous Parisian hotel. This Paris wedding venue offers beautiful rooftop views on the Eiffel Tower and is located between Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triomphe.

Fits with: Wedding ceremony & wedding photos
The rooftop terrace and rooftop garden suite of the Peninsula Paris are made for you if you are looking for great view on the Eiffel Tower and Paris in general. You can use these spaces for your Eiffel Tower wedding ceremony and photos.

eiffel tower wedding rooftop

Time of the year/When?: all year round
The hotel Peninsula Paris is open all year-round. The rooftops are definitely best when the weather is good. But in case you are unlucky the Peninsula has great indoor spaces as well.

Time of the day/What time?: any time
It’s a private venue, so you don’t need to worry about crowds. However the rooftop views are best in the morning or evening. At noon the light can be very harsh and not the best for your Eiffel Tower wedding photos.

My advice: Head out early for an outdoor Paris wedding shoot at the Eiffel Tower, Louvre or Alexander III bridge. Afterwards enjoy an intimate moment and stunning Eiffel Tower views for your wedding ceremony at the Peninsula Paris.

3. Seine river cruise

There are many companies in Paris that offer private river cruises. You can find small boats perfect for your Paris elopement as well as larger boats that can accommodate your Paris wedding with guests. Many of these boats are anchored near the Eiffel Tower, so have a view from up close. Also the boats will of course cruise up and down the Seine river. So you will not only have a view on the Eiffel Tower for your Paris wedding but also on many other Parisian sights along the Seine river e.g. Louvre, Alexander III bridge and Notre Dame.

Fits with: Wedding ceremony & wedding photos
Seine river cruises are especially great for your Eiffel Tower wedding ceremony as the boat provides you with the privacy you want for exchanging your vows – stunning views included.

Time of the year/When?: all year round
You can rent private river cruises for your wedding in Paris at any season. The experience is best during the warmer months as you will aim to be on deck to fully enjoy the views. Most boats offer an indoor area in case of bad weather.

Time of the day/What time?: any time
You cruise your choice. No need to worry about crowds when having a private Paris river boat. Avoid noon time when the light can be a little harsh for your Paris wedding photos.

My advice: The experience is especially nice around the blue hour, when the sun is setting and Paris is starting to light up. So start with your Eiffel Tower wedding ceremony and photos in the late afternoon, early evening. Cheer your glasses at sunset followed by a candle light dinner taking in the best views of the sparkling city of lights.

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