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wedding trocadero paris

Elopement Wedding at Trocadero with Mariela & Alex

Mariela & Alex started their Paris elopement at Trocadero square with a first look. They slept and were getting ready in different hotel rooms, and were arriving separately to the meeting point at the Eiffel Tower. On this morning, we were lucky enough to have a beautiful weather and blue sky, very few people around, so actually the perfect conditions for an intimate and touching first look ! 

trocadero paris wedding

By the way, this elopement in Paris happened in June, meaning that sunrise was at 6am ! So Mariela must have started with hair & make-up around 4am. I know it can sound scary but it’s definitely worth it !!

Also, this is about the earlier we can star tat the Eiffel Tower. In Spring, Fall and Winter, sunrise comes a lot later than that 😉

Wedding ceremony at Trocadero with a great view on the Eiffel Tower

After their first look, we had a few couple photos with Mariela & Alex on Trocadero square, using the gorgeous view on the Eiffel Tower. It was a good way to get in the photography mood and warm them up for their upcoming ceremony ! I provided some guidance and directions about poses here and there but they both quickly forgot about the camera, and you could tell how much they enjoyed being here and how special this special day was for them!

trocadero stairs eiffel tower wedding
wedding trocadero paris

After a few more pictures in Trocadero stairs, we decided to aim for the ceremony spot. Their celebrant in Paris was the talented Laura from The Paris Officiant already joined us in advance during the photo session, and their Paris videographer. We picked the Little Plaza in front of the Trocadero funtains, for the gorgeous view and also because it was still quiet at this time. They also had a few close friends who traveled along to attend the wedding, so it was the perfect location to make sure we got enough space too and to have a quiet and intimate moment for the ceremony.

wedding paris bouquet
eiffel tower wedding paris

Mariela & Alex decided to have a non-religious ceremony focusing on their love story. (you can read more about their love story below!) even if they also exchange their personal vows and did a ring exchange. Even behind my camera it was easy to see and feel the emotions filling the air. They actually wiped each other tears a few times… so cute ! It was also really important for them to celebrate together with their close friends And thanks to their officiant Laura, they also included a flower petal toss to celebrate their wedding at the end of the ceremony (making for a great picture !) along with a bottle of Champgne to cheer and toast between friends ! 

couple getting married eiffel tower
wedding eiffel tower fun photo

After their wedding on Trocadero, more photos in Paris!

After their Eiffel Tower wedding ceremony and celebration at Trocadero, I took Mariela & Alex for more pictures around Paris. Thy would be meeting their friends for a great lunch later on. 

So we first went to a very cute parisian café terrace nearby, which I feel is always a great way to ‘recover’ from a wedding, haha ! You don’t have to jump into other pictures and poses yet, but you get to sit down, enjoy a café or a croissant (or some more champagne !) with your fresh new wife or husband, and still get great pictures from it !

cafe wedding photo paris
bridge wedding paris photos

This was giving them the perfect boost to finish altogether with beautiful shots of them 2 on the timeless Alexandre III bridge. 

Their Love Story

It has always been their dream to visit Paris together. The romantic vibe here was the reason why they decided to get married and have their Paris elopement in this gorgeous city. 

Mariela & Alex actually met online and quickly decided to go on a date – they went to see a comedy show and had a wonderful time, especially when they noticed that they were laughing about the same jokes. It was obvious to them that they both had found someone truly special. So they naturally kept dating and felt in love with each other.

Alex proposed to Mariela after she came back from a family trip. He picked her up at the airport, took her for a little walk in a nice area on the way back where he went down on one knee and asked him to become his wife.

By Pierre Torset – Paris Photographer



All Photos by Pierre Torset - Paris photographer