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Pictures of marriage proposals and getting engaged in Paris


Because you’re about to get engaged in the most romantic city !

Congratulations ! You’re about to ask your better half to marry you in Paris ! (or wish that he/she does).

What a beautiful moment in a relationship ! On top of this you’re coming to Paris and want to enjoy this chance to make it unforgettable with a proposal AND a photographer ! That’s indeed the best way to remember and cherish the moment especially since your girlfriend will get too excited and won’t remember what you told her at the time to propose (most of the time). So pictures will be here to make sure you and your family back home can cherish this special moment for ever !

Getting engaged in Paris !

Asking her to get married in Paris is such a great idea (even if she may have suggested it to you…) ! And getting a photographer is not only a good way to look back at this beautiful milestone of your love story, but also a good way to share the news afterwards with your family & friends, or by using the photos for some ‘Save the Date’ of your wedding ! Actually many couples also use the chance to have a photographer to do their engagement photo session (later in the day or in the next days).

Using beautiful, iconic or street for your engagement photos in Paris, my photography has a natural relaxed approach, focusing on the personality and style of every couple, mixing fine-art, fashion and candid photos.


Let’s get ready to kneel !

1. Identify your perfect spot !

The first thing to do is actually to get the wedding ring 😉 But after that and once you’ve decided you will propose in Paris, it’s about finding the perfect sport and photographer for your surprise proposal in Paris, that she/he will never forget.

Proposing at the Eiffel Tower :

Are you thinking about getting engaged at the Eiffel Tower ? Great idea, it’s so iconic but remember that there are several possible angles, such as Trocadero, Bir-Hakeim, from the Seine riverside, etc. offering some amazing view for a gorgeous wedding proposal in Paris, so check the one that feels special for you or her. Also keep it mind that the Eiffel Tower is a busy place easily filled with tourists, so a good timing and plan (organized with your professional Paris proposal photographer) will help you get this perfect wedding proposal pictures you are after !

Or getting engaged in Paris at a private location :

If you prefer a private or intimate proposal in Paris with a quiet and romantic location, there are plenty of possibilities with some hidden corners, rooftop views over the city, hotel balconies, gardens and parks, etc. So feel free to email with some picture ideas (from my own galleries, Instagram, blog or others) and I’ll help you put together the perfect plan !

2. Let’s plan your secret surprise proposal in Paris

One of the big questions at the time to get engaged in Paris and propose is :

Should you propose during a photoshoot OR without her knowing about the photographer ? (paparazzi style).

Well it depends on your expectations ! If you want this perfect shot and background at an iconic location in Paris (I’m guessing at the Eiffel Tower) by being dressed up and with no one photobombing it, or because you know that your girlfriend would prefer being mentally and physically ready for photos (with the right outfit and make-up), then you should definitely do it during a photoshoot that she is aware of ! Of course she does not know you will propose during the photo session.

If you’re more easy-going and flexible on the location, time and view, and that you’re fine to know that we cannot have everything under control, then let’s do a total surprise proposal !

Either way, I’ll walk you through the details about finding the perfect spot and timing! As an experienced Paris proposal photographer, I know plenty!

About this, morning is usually the best time but this depends on the location and plan 😉

3. Anticipate your wedding proposal in Paris

One thing is for sure, you’ll be very nervous so think of a timeline and what you’ll need on the proposal’s day and pack accordingly. For example how you will go to the meeting point, where you will hide the ring, the excuse you will come up with, how we will be in touch in Paris, where you will go and celebrate afterwards (I can recommend!), etc.

She said Yes in Paris !

That’s it, you’re ready to pop up the question and have the most beautiful marriage proposal in Paris!

So let’s get in touch by email and talk about the perfect plan 🙂


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