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Hey! Welcome on my Portfolio Gallery about Engagement photo sessions in Paris. Below this gallery, you’ll find a few tips for your session in Paris, a FAQ and a slideshow of horizontal pictures from your Paris Engagement photographer. Enjoy!


Congratulations ! Wether you’re already engaged… or not !

It is indeed the perfect place for Engagement Photography ! What a better place than the City of Love to celebrate this new milestone in your relationship ! From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, from some cute cafés to the Seine riverside, in some gardens, bridges, or arches, let’s create gorgeous Engagement photos of you 2 !

The City of Love !

My light & airy photography as a Paris photographer is always focusing on the personality & style of every couple, mixing editorial, fashion and candid photos.

So wether you are for a for a quick/short engagement photoshoot in Paris, or a longer photo session with several locations and outfit(s), I will be happy to help you setting the perfect itinerary based on your preferences, by making recommendations to achieve what you have in mind. You can find more details about the number of locations & photos I offer for my Paris Photo Sessions in the Packages page.


Let’s get ready !

1. Identify the location(s)

It seems basic, but that’s always the starting point : where you’d like to have your engagement pictures in Paris taken !

For example, there are several possible angles for pictures with the Eiffel Tower. So feel free to send me some of my pictures (Portfolio, Blog, Instagram…) to show me your preferences, including some with your favorite spots, frames or poses or that you’d like to recreate. Create some board (such as Pinterest) if it helps and send it to me a few days before the shoot.

2. Find your outfits

Casual, formal… or both ?

That depends on your style and what you want to show in pictures. But when it comes to outfits for Engagement Photography, my first advice is that you match together. Please check the FAQ below for a few more tips about it 😉

We can also do some wardrobe change for session of 2hrs and more, which is a good way to mix different styles and moods, that we can also fit with the location (for example something formal at the Eiffel Tower, and more casual at a café or some cute streets…). But there are no strict rules, the best is to check photos online, and see what inspires you !

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3. Anticipate your photo session in Paris

a. before traveling to Paris :

Think of what you’ll need on the photoshoot’s day and pack accordingly. Remember that you’ll be traveling, so you won’t have the comfort from home. For example make sure to pack your complete outfit(s), your beauty kit, your electric iron and/or hair straightener (and the fitting power converter) or check with the hotel if they have one.

b. before your photoshoot :

Download & use Uber app to get easily to the meeting point. Take some flats or sandals for in between the shots in case you’re planning on wearing painful high heels, and also an extra jackets as some mornings can still be a bit chilly in spring and Fall. In general, keep what you’re taking with you to the minimum (small water, wallet, phone…)

Paris will always be Special !

That’s it, you’re ready ! So let’s meet soon and just enjoy the experience together !

No worries, I’ll send you those tips and some more by email before our photoshoot.and during the photo session. I will provide you some directions during the photo shoot. I’ve been an Engagement Photographer in Paris for a few years now, so I’m used to guide couples and provide tips. It’s actually a lot of fun and easier than you think, no need to rehearse 🙂


How do we move around ?

In case you want a photoshoot with more than one location, UBER is usually working great to move around in Paris. I can be the one ordering it and it's usually not taking more than 10-15 minutes to move between 2 photo locations, but it also depends on the time of the day (rush hour ?). Another great option for longer Engagement photo sessions in Paris is to rent a van. It has plenty of space and can even pick you before at your hotel and drop you back there at the end. It's also a good way to more flexible (not waiting for our ride, including more short stops for pictures on the way, leaving our belongings in the car). I know several reliable drivers that I can book for us if this is an option you can be interested in. 

In any case, I will recommend the best options based on the package, the locations, time of the day you are interested in !

What should I wear for my Engagement photos ?

Some couples prefer being casual by wearing outfits they will feel good into. Others want to wear something more formal because they feel it's a special time in their lives and a good occasion to be more dressed up more than usual. That's entirely up to you !
In any case, I can recommend you to find your own inspiration online by checking photos, if you are not sure of how you'd like to be dressed for your engagement pictures.

When it comes to photography, there are no precise rules but thin stripes or patterns are usually not so recommended.
Solid colors are always working great, either bright or soft. 

Just make sure the 2 of you match together !
It does not mean that you should wear the same outfits or colors, just that one is not casual and the other formal for example 😉


How can we change wardrobe / outfits ?

Wardrobe change is a great way to have different styles in a single Engagement photo session!
It's possible for any photoshoot in Paris of 2hrs and more. Please just let me know before if you'd like to include it. 

This is how we can do it :

  • Using a foldable tent to change that I would bring for the Engagement Photo session.
  • Making a stop at a café (using their restroom for the wardrobe change and why not a few pictures at the terrace)
  • Renting a van that we would also use to move from location to another? It has tinted glass and plenty of space inside to change outfits.
Can you recommend some vendors ?

Sure ! Wether you need a hair/make-up artist, some flowers or some balloons for your Engagement Photography in Paris, feel free to let me know and I'll recommend you some great vendors I am used to work with 🙂

Can we include some props ?

Of course ! The main prop we can include is your rings !!! And any other kind of ring holder or prop that you want to include, I'm up for it !
My style as an Engagement photographer in Paris is quite natural so I can also spend a whole photoshoot without props and still have plenty of ideas !
You can also bring some clothing accessories (scarf, shawl, hat, purse, ...) which can be a good way to fight the cold in style, especially Fall and winter.

What should we bring to our Engagement session ?

Not much ! Only bring what's necessary (phone, wallet...) and your wardrobe change in case you plan one (please let me know before).
You can also take bring some sneakers or flats to walk more easily for in between the high heels shots, and possibly some extra shawl or jacket because some days and mornings can be quite chilly, especially in Spring and Autumn.

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