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Hello love-birds… and congratulations on your upcoming elopement in Paris ! Below this Gallery you’ll find some horizontal pictures and tips by your Paris Elopement Photographer.


Congratulations! Your love story reached a peak: You and your loved one finally decided to tie the knot!
And you want to celebrate this happy and crucial once in a lifetime-moment in Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

Either you decide to get married or to elope here – one thing is for sure: Paris has it all to get amazing wedding or elopement pictures.

Eloping to Paris !

Your decision to elope or get married in Paris is a life changing and cheerful one. Thereby it is most important that you have a great time in Paris, that you enjoy your celebration of love and that you feel at ease during the photo session. You have never done a photoshoot before? Don’t worry – we will make it a fun and easygoing time, even for grooms !

As your Paris Photographer, I know plenty of tips and tricks to make your wedding shoot or elopement session a fun, smooth and joyful experience: I can either guide you finding some elegant and glamorous poses for rather stylish shots, or help you moving and expressing naturally for some candid pictures.


1. Wedding planner… or not !
It depends on the type of Paris wedding you are planning for. If you’re looking to organize a small wedding or elopement in Paris with no or only few guests and want to keep it pretty laid-back, then a wedding planner is not necessary. It will be only a few vendors (photographer, officiant, hair/make-up artist, florist…) and it’s pretty easy to coordinate, especially if you book some vendors who know each other and can communicate together. I will recommend you some that I’m used to work with, and will already give tips on what you should check with them to make sure you have the most relaxed special day you can dream of !

If you’re looking to have a wedding involving some guests (at least 15-20), a venue with cocktail/diner and reception, some specific decoration, several locations involved (for example with the ceremony & reception in different locations, etc.) and all this with a precise timing, then yes, a wedding planner would be a great help ! Some hotels also have event coordinators who can help you by booking the room or venue in their hotel. Organizing such an event abroad can be stressful, so you want to make sure to enjoy your special day and leave the organization to a professional ! Unless of course if you enjoy being involved in every step !

2. Outdoor, hotel or Church ceremony in Paris
Where do you want to have the ceremony ? You may have seen some of my photos with some outdoor wedding in front of the Eiffel Tower ? Well, that’s a great spot, but I just recommend it in the morning (either early or very early :-P) to keep it scenic because of the crowds, and it’s always a nicer experience for small groups (up to 8-10 people). There some other locations around Paris that are also very scenic and/or more intimate, so as your elopement photographer in Paris I’d be happy to give you some recommendations directly if you’re looking for something specific

Another great way to have a view on the Eiffel Tower or the Parisian rooftops in more private way is from a hotel rooftop terrace or room balcony. The famous Shangri-La Hotel is one of them and I’m used to shooting there as you can see in my pictures, but I can recommend other hotels too based on what you’re looking for. Same thing for the chapels and churches in Paris, there are a few ones I can recommend ! With its breathtaking architecture, stunning bridges, romantic side streets and charming cafes Paris is the perfect background for your ceremony or couple pictures. As your Paris elopement photographer I will guide you to the best spots for your wedding shoot or your elopement session in the city of love.

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3. Symbolic ceremony for your Paris elopement
Let’s put it simple… getting legally married in Paris is a huge pain ! For example one of the main conditions is supposedly to live at least 45 days in Paris before getting married. Yep… so unless you have very close family living in France who can vouch for this with their home address, I definitely recommend you to book an officiant. Good news, I know one : Laura from The Paris Officiant She’s amazing at what she does ! (on top of being my wife).

4. Anticipate your elopement in Paris
a. before traveling to Paris :
The location for the ceremony is important, and so are the ones of your photoshoot ! Please let me know the locations you’d like to be included for your photo session in Paris. If you’re not sure which locations they are, I invite you to send me some of the photos that you really liked from my Portfolio, Blog and Instagram, and I’ll recommend you the best itinerary based on your preferences. Make a timeline of the day and think of what you will need on the wedding day, and pack accordingly. Keep in mind that you will be traveling, so make sure for example to pack your complete bridal gown & suit, your beauty kit, your electric iron and hair straightener (with the plug converter). You can also check with the hotel if they have one, etc. Feel free to ask your Paris Elopement Photographer when in doubt.

b. before your photoshoot :
You can use Uber to get easily to the meeting point but there are alternative ways that I can recommend. You can bring some flats or sandals for in between the shots in case you’re planning on wearing painful high heels, and also an extra jacket as it can still be a bit chilly by early morning (in case of a morning ceremony/photoshoot).

Saying ‘I do’ at the Eiffel Tower !

That’s it, you’re almost ready for your Elopement in Paris !
Feel free to send me an email and let’s get prepared accordingly for your special day !


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