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Because you want gorgeous pictures with your wedding gown in Paris !

Congratulations! You’re about to come to Paris and want some beautiful pictures of you in your wedding gown !!!

Paris is definitely THE best possible city to have great photos in wedding outfits. Of course with the Eiffel Tower, but why not at Louvre pyramid, Alexandre III bridge, the Golden Gate, Luxembourg our Tuileries garden, the Arc de triomphe, at a cafe… Well, the main issue you’ll have will be to choose your favorite spots !!

Pre-wedding photography with a wedding gown ? What ???

The ‘Pre-Wedding’ term can feel a bit confusing when I talk about photos in wedding outfits, especially considering this western tradition for the groom not to see the dress before the wedding. But this term does not have the same meaning depending on where you come from. In many asian countries where the bride may not wear a white wedding gown on her wedding day, it is now usual to get ‘pre-wedding’ pictures with wedding outfits that will be showcased on the wedding day ! It’s somehow the western engagement-style pictures, but with wedding photos.

Wedding photos in Paris !

You may be concerned because you have never done a photoshoot before and are not sure how things are working ?

Don’t worry – as an experienced photographer in Paris I’m here to guide you through the whole process. From our communication by email to the Pre-wedding photo session itself, I will be here to make sure you have great and memorable experience, with gorgeous pictures at the end !

During the Prewedding photo-shoot in Paris I will be here to guide you with some elegant and glamorous poses for some rather stylish photos, or assist you with moving and expressing naturally to get some more natural and candid results. You will see, it’s a lot easier than it seems !


Looking gorgeous in your bridal gown !

1. Find your wedding dress… at home or in Paris !

In case you did not have your wedding yet, the first thing is to find this beautiful gown(s) you’re going to wear !

Should you buy it at home and bring it ? Or better renting one here ?

I’d definitely recommend to bring yours ! It seems to be some hassle to come with your dress, but you’ll be sure to get the one you like and that is fitting you ! Wedding dress rental in Paris is not the most common, and it can be stressful and time-consuming to go to the shop from your hotel, try several until you (hopefully) find the good one, having it fixed and retouched, bringing it back after the shoot… You’ll be in Paris for just a few days, so you may want to spend your time differently here ! Such as enjoying the city 🙂 And if you’re still traveling after Paris, then just ship it home after the photoshoot !

Also, good news, my Pre-Wedding shoot always includes an assistant who will help us with belongings or adjusting this wedding train on the floor 😉

paris pre wedding eiffel tower
paris pre wedding louvre-pyramid
paris photographer prewedding
louvre prewedding church
paris prewedding chanel
prewedding medici fountain
pre wedding shangrila paris
paris louvre prewedding
paris prewedding eiffel tower-bridge
paris pre wedding garden
prewedding paris church
prewedding paris alexander bridge

2. Time of the year / day for your Pre-wedding photos in Paris

The first question I’m often asked is :

What’s the best time of the year for Pre-wedding pictures in Paris ? Well, that’s a hard one because it depends on what you are interested. If it’s about not freezing during your photoshoot (never bad !), then I recommend to come between early-june and mid-september. It may feel a chilly in Spring (april-may) and Fall (October-November) especially since we are shooting in the morning and that you’re only wearing a wedding dress ! But Spring can be really pretty with the blossoms (cherry blossoms especially) and Fall with autumn leaves colours.

About the best time of the day : Early-morning, 100% !

If you want some of those beautiful, wide-angle pictures with only the 2 of you and Paris, that’s when the magic happens !

Having your Pre-wedding photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower can be complicated to do when thousands of tourists also want their pictures taken, but early morning allows us to have no (or few) tourists in the way. If there are, it’s only about waiting or asking them nicely to move aside for a second ! That’s when my assistant gets also very useful 🙂

Sunset or Night Pre-Wedding photos in Paris are another possibility, as a complement to morning pictures. Feel free to let me if you are interested by some, and I’ll let you know what’s possible based on my availability and time of the year.

3. Which other vendors you could need ?

– Hair / Make-up artist in Paris :

The good news if that are many in Paris, and some very good ones used different hairs and types of skin ! On top of this, some can manage both hair & make-up, which makes it easier at the time to reserve their service. As I often recommend to do the photo session by early morning (considering light & crowds), they can also come to your place very early to make it happen ! I’ll be happy to recommend you the best ones I am used to work with.

Flowers, Props and transportation :

You are considering some flowers or balloons for bringing a romantic, colorful or fun touch to your Pre-Wedding Photo shoot in Paris ? Great idea ! I’ll be happy to send you some recommendations of reliable ones.

For transportation during your Prewedding session in Paris, there are different ways to make it work. It will depend on the time of the day, the locations, the package, etc. I’ll be more than happy to walk you through all the possibilities once we start talking about your expectations by email.

4. Anticipate your Pre-wedding shoot in Paris

a. before traveling :

Where would you like to have your Pre-wedding photos taken in Paris ? For the itinerary, it’s about getting inspired with checking online which locations you’d like to be included during your Pre-wedding photos in Paris. If you’re not sure about the locations, feel free to check online on my website or Instagram, and send me some of your favorite spots to identify the itinerary 🙂

Make a list of all the things you may need on the day of your Pre-Wedding photo session (different outfits, beauty kit, wallet, phones, etc.). As you will be traveling, you want to make sure of all the required tools you may also need, such as your electric iron or steamer, hair straightener (don’t forget the converter). Of course you can also check with the hotel or make-up artist if they have one.

b. before your photo session :

You can easily use Uber (recommended) or order a taxi with your hotel to go to the meeting point but there are alternative ways that I can recommend too based on the locations and package. Another couple of things I can recommend bringing to the photoshoot are : some flats or sandals to walk easily in between the shots (to get some rest from those painful high heels) and some more layers (blanket, jacket, warm shawl…) as it could be chilly by early morning and because of the thin wedding dress you’ll be wearing.

Bride at the Eiffel Tower !

That’s it, you’re almost ready for your pre-wedding photo shoot in Paris !

With its breathtaking, iconic architecture at Eiffel Tower or Louvre, and its charming gardens or cafes, Paris is indeed the perfect place for your prewedding pictures in France. As your photographer in Paris I will guide you to the best spots for your prewedding photo-shoot in the city of love !

Feel free to send me an email and let’s get prepared accordingly for your special day !


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