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Hey there! Here is a Sneak Peak of my pictures with couples in Paris (mix of casual, formal, bridal…) Below this Gallery, you will also find some tips, a FAQ and a slideshow of horizontal photos about Paris couple photography. Enjoy!


Wether you have an excuse for a photo session… or none !

At least it seems you’re about to come to Paris, so Congratulations for that ! It is indeed the perfect place for couple Photography as Paris is just the synonym of love and romantic! From the Eiffel Tower or Louvre architecture to the cute cafés, gardens, and cobbled streets, you can feel it everywhere here!

Because it’s Paris !

So wether you are planning an anniversary or honeymoon trip/celebration, or just because it’s Paris, the idea is for you to enjoy being together by discovering or rediscovering Paris, and get some great photos out of it with your photographer in Paris !

Using beautiful, iconic landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Louvre, bridges, arches…) or more laid-back areas, my Photography for couples in Paris has a natural relaxed approach, focusing on the personality and style of every couple, mixing fine-art, fashion and candid photos.


Paris Couple Photography in 3 Easy Steps :

1. Where do you want your pictures taken ?

It seems obvious, but identifying the spot and locations you want your pictures taken is the starting point !

For instance, there are different possible views for couple pictures at the Eiffel Tower. It also depends on how long you want the photo session to be (and your better half patience skills), because achieving good pictures always requires a bit of time. Feel free to check the Packages about Paris photo sessions to see my recommendations about the number of locations per hour.

An easy way to make it work is also to send me your favorite photos with the locations you like the most (from my Portfolio, Instagram account, blog, …) so we can decide on the itinerary first. If you want, you can also send me poses that you’d like to recreate. For example Pinterest is great tool to create boards.

2. What are are you going to wear ?

Casual or formal… that’s up to you 🙂

My main advice is to make sure you match together. From a photography perspective, I recommend to avoid patterns and stripes. I’m often asked about colours too : I do love red and other solid colors that can work very well in case of cloudy weather, but soft and pastel tones work very well too for all weather, especially with my photography style.

A good tip is to look online and in my Portfolio, and see what inspires you !

3. Get ready for your trip & couple session

a. before traveling to Paris :

Keep in mind that you’ll be traveling, so pack accordingly from home. For example make sure to pack your complete outfit(s) and accessories & your beauty kit, your hair straightener or electric iron (with the plug converter). You can also check with your hotel/Airbnb if they offer one.

b. before your couple photo shoot :

How are you going to come to the meeting point with me? Well, I don’t recommend subway (unless you’re pretty close to the meeting point) but rather use UBER or book a taxi in advance with your hotel (making sure they will be picking you on time).

In case you’re planning on wearing painful high heels, I can recommend to take some flats or sneakers for in between the shots, and also an extra jacket or warm shawl for chilly mornings, especially in spring and Fall.

A general advice is also to take as little with as possible (wallet, phone and what you need for the shoot…)


Welcome to The City of Love !

That’s it, we’re ready to meet ! So let’s have fun and just enjoy this experience together !
And no worries, we’ll be in touch the whole time ! I’ll send you those tips and some more by email before your couple photo session, and I will guide you with poses and tips during the photoshoot. You’ll see, it’s easier than you think (no need to rehearse) !


What should I wear for my photo session ?

Well... that totally depends on you (casual or formal) ! Some people like to have outfits they will feel good into, and other want to enjoy the special occasion to be dressed up more than usual.
If you're not sure about the style you want, I recommend to check photos, and get inspired by what you see ! 
My main tip would be to be sure the 2 of you match together ! It does not mean that you should wear the same colors, but more that one should be over-dressed compared to the other one 😉 But there are no strict rules, it's up to you !

From a photography standpoint, solid colors are are great ! Either soft or bright !
My only recommendation is to try avoiding patterns or thin stripes, that are not the best photographywise 🙂

Can you recommend some vendors ?

Of course ! Wether you need a hair/make-up artist, some flowers or some balloons for your couple photoshoot in Paris, feel free to let me know and I'll send you some great recommendations of vendors I am used to work with 🙂

How can we change wardrobe / outfits ?

Wardrobe change is a great way to have different styles in 1 couple photoshoot ! It's possible for couple photo sessions in Paris of 2hrs and more. The best ways to make it work are usually :

  • In a café restroom (even if the space can be tiny, like everything else in paris)
  • With a foldable tent that I would bring for the Couple Photography Session
  • In a large van that we would also use for transportation between locations (with tinted glass)

Please let me know beforehand if you're planning to change outfits 🙂

Can / Should we bring some props ?

That's totally up to you ! My style for couple photography in Paris is quite natural so I can easily spend a whole photo session without props and still have plenty of ideas !
This being said, feel free to bring ANY prop or accessory you'd like (purse, hat, scarf, flowers, boards, etc.) and I'll be happy to include them in the photo session !

How does transportation work ?

There are different ways to make it work ! It depends on the package, the locations, the time of the day... UBER is usually a great way to move around, but it also depends on traffic and the time of the day. Another great option for longer photoshoots in Paris is to rent a van (picking you at your hotel or that pick after the first location). This way we don't wait and are more flexible, including for some short stops and to leave our belongings. I know some great reliable drivers so i'd be happy to reserve one for us if you'd like !

What should we bring to the Photo session ?

As least as possible ! Phone, wallet, some water if you'd like, and your wardrobe change in case you plan one ! (please let me know before).
You can bring some sneakers or flats to walk more easily for in between the high heels shots, and possibly some extra shawl or jacket because some days and mornings can be quite chilly, especially in Spring and Autumn.


Have a look at the Gallery about Engagement Photography in Paris or even check the other types of Paris Photoshoot in my Portfolio for more ideas.

Some examples of Paris photography with couple and engagement sessions

Info about my Photo sessions in paris (duration, number of locations, etc.)

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