pierre paris photographer

pierre paris photographer


Bonjour ! I am french (I know, my name gives me away…) and I’ve been a photographer in Paris since 2012.

It all started with my dad giving me his camera when I was a student abroad, telling me to bring back and share memories of what I was experiencing by then. This changed my life, because it quickly turned into a passion in just a few months and I knew this had to be what I wanted to dedicate my life to.

Before becoming a photographer in Paris, I started my career as a travel photographer and photojournalist, which made me fluent in english and spanish. It also taught me so much about photography (and how to cook a good curry and be a rice lover, as I mainly lived and photographed in Asia).

In 2010, I came back to France to shoot a friends’s wedding (my first wedding as photographer!). I have been instantly fascinated by the ability to use my documentary skills by telling a story and at the same time capturing beautiful candid moments, places and people in a single day. It was also a great way to start developing my own aesthetic and style, along with with being more involved in the creative process by guiding people and couples with poses.

So it was naturally that in 2012, I started to shoot photo sessions in Paris. It was a no-brainer, I could mix everything I loved doing and even more, by even including the architecture and atmosphere of Paris !

I’m now lucky to call Paris home and get to take photos and meet new people every day in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Photographer in Paris


When I’m not shooting in Paris, I love spending some time with my wife and soulmate, Laura, from The Paris Officiant, traveling and playing drums. I also have the chance to go back once in a while to Asia to document and work on some personal and editorial photo projects. Asia holds a special place to as I used to spend much time there as a photojournalist (China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma…). It’s also very special because I met my wife in China and we were eloping and getting married in Japan !

Pierre – Paris Photographer



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