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Beautiful photos of yourself in Paris !

Congratulations! You’re planning to come to Paris and you are a thinking about a photo session with some portraits and individual photos ? Great idea ! Wether it is for fashion, lifestyle, ‘quinceanera’ or sweet sixteen photos, Paris is definitely a great place to get beautiful pictures of yourself, the city offering such a variety of backdrops, going from casual to sophisticated.

As a Portrait photographer in Paris, I will help you putting together a great individual photoshoot in Paris.

from identifying the locations to providing you with tips so that we can optimize our time together (with transportation, outfits, etc.), and of course getting beautiful photos that you can use to remember your time in Paris or share to the world !

Fashion photos and Lifestyle Photography in Paris

Here are a few reasons why women contact me to have a photoshoot : they want to enjoy their Paris trip and celebrate it with some photos. Of course to possibly share them at some point, but also very often as personal celebration. And even if it can feel a bit challenging to be under the spotlight, it’s a good way to empower themselves, being dressed and prepared in the way they have decided. It can be used for business, to share on social medias, or just for yourself ! It’s also a great way to explore different facets of personality, for example with some casual shots at a café and some more dramatic ones at the Eiffel Tower.

Quinceanera photos in Paris (and sweet 16)

Quinceanera photos are not known to everyone, but they are such an important moment for many Latin and Central American countries. The Quinceañera (“fifteen years” in English) is traditionally a ceremony or party held on a girl’s fifteenth birthday, that can be compared to a Sweet Sixteen celebration. It celebrates womanhood, and it’s always associated with a quinceanera photoshoot. And it’s now more and more popular in Paris ! So if you are looking for a quinceanera photo session in Pari for yourself or your daughter, I’m used to this style of photoshoot (using either traditional dresses or modern outfits). Y puedo hablar espanol, a caso 😉

Gorgeous Portraits in Paris !

You may be wondering how this work in case you have never done a photo session before ?

No worries – I will be here to guide you and help you, from the communication beforehand to delivering the photos at the end, and of course with beautiful photos of yourself !

For exemple, I’m always helping with guiding and poses during your photo shoot in Paris ! I work mainly with non professional models so I know that you could feel awkward and uncomfortable. So wether you are looking for casual, candid or lifestyle photos in Paris (fashion, cafés, shops, streets, gardens,…) or some more glamorous and stylish shots in front of some iconic places in Paris (Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Alexandre 3 bridge, Golden Gate, etc.), I will assist you in making you pose, move and express yourself in a way, so that you feel comfortable enough to have a great experience and beautiful photos in Paris !


Looking beautiful the way you are !

1. Outfit(s) & Wardrobe change

The great thing for solo or fashion photoshoots in Paris is that it’s just about ! So you can decide if you want only one outfits or several, which style(s) and how you’re going to use them during your photo session in Paris.

About changing wardrobe during the photography session, there are different possible ways to make it happen :
– using a foldable tent in case you have a lot of outfits (that I will bring).
– going to a café and use their restroom (and we can use the café for some pictures).
– using a van (with tinted windows) that we will use for transportation and quick stops for photos.

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2Best time and locations for your photoshoot

For the locations and itinerary, it’s mainly about checking online and finding which locations inspire you the most to be included during your fashion pictures in Paris. If you’re not entirely sure about your favorite ones, feel free to let me know about the atmosphere you have in mind, or to send me samples or a Pinterest board with your favorite locations and.or poses to recreate.

Fashion photos at the Eiffel Tower !

3. For the time of the day : morning it is ! Especially if you are more interested by iconic photos in some landmarks, and with no other tourists in your pictures 😉 It can be a nice idea to start early in case we do several locations, as we want to make sure that none of them will be too busy. Plus it’s a great way to enjoy the sunrise light for even more beautiful photos!

4. Anticipate your photoshoot in Paris

Hair / Make-up artist in Paris : It’s definitely not a must but in case you’d fancy one, there are many in Paris, and some of the best ! Some are also used to manage both hair & make-up, which makes it so much easier at the time to reserve and to have it done ! They would ideally come to your place before the shoot. I’ll recommend you some in case you are interested.

Before the photoshoot: You may already have one or several outfits to bring, so I recommend you come as light a possible to the photoshoot (your different outfits, beauty kit, wallet, phones, etc.). I can also recommend some sneakers or sandals for in between the spots (to get some rest from those painful high heels) and a jacket or warm shawl to keep warm when we’re not shooting 😉

Also, remember, you will be traveling from home for this photoshoot, so you want to be sure you have all the required tools you may need, such as your own beauty kit, electric iron or steamer, hair straightener, etc. Very important, check the power converter for the electric devices ! You can also check with your hotel if it is provided.

To come to the photo session, you can use Uber (recommended) or reserve a taxi with your hotel to our meeting location. There are alternative ways in case for transportation that I can recommend too if necessary.

That’s it ! You are now almost ready for your own fashion / lifestyle photoshoot in Paris !


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