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You’re looking for a wedding venue or hotel to get married or renew your vows in Paris ! The Shangri-La hotel is indeed one of the best venue options in Paris !

Hi, y name is Pierre TORSET, a wedding and elopement photographer in Paris, I have captured countless ceremonies in the capital of love, including in the ShangriLa Paris hotel as you will see with all the photos in this article. It's one of my favorite places for the views on the Eiffel Tower and magic interiors, so I wanted to provide this guide about what you can expect from choosing this wedding venue in Paris !

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A Shangrila Paris wedding is for sure something you should consider, if you are dreaming about getting married in Paris with a view on the Eiffel Tower. The Shangri La is not only a hotel but also one of the most stunning wedding venues in Paris.


The 19th century building used to be the residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte, a nephew of the famous Napoleon. Now it hosts the 5 star hotel Shangri-La Paris and it preserves the historic architecture and design. The rooms and salons in several historical royal styles (e.g. Louis XIV, Empire, Napoleon, Renaissance) are simply stunning.

Why is such a great wedding venue?

You could celebrate your entire wedding at the Shangrila Paris: From getting ready over ceremony and cocktail to couple photos and reception. There are so many different and beautiful rooms as backdrops for your dream wedding in Paris that will keep you busy your entire wedding day. Here are 3 reasons why the Shangri La Paris could be the perfect venue for your wedding in Paris:

Eiffel Tower views

This is probably the Paris wedding venue with the greatest views on the Eiffel Tower. The iconic landmark is only a stone’s throw away, so you got a view on the Eiffel Tower from up close. The hotel Shangri La Paris offers several rooms with balconies from where you have a great view on the Eiffel Tower. These are great for elopements, vow renewals or simply wedding photos with Eiffel Tower view. For an intimate wedding you should try to get the Eiffel Tower terrace suite (La Suite Shangri-La – see below) with a rooftop view on the landmark and the entire city. If your wedding is a little larger, then you could use the garden for your ceremony and cocktail, from where you can see the Eiffel Tower as well.

Proximity to the Eiffel Tower

The Shangri La Paris is just a short walk away from the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero – the best public place in Paris to take wedding photos with the Eiffel Tower in the background. So you can easily combine your wedding ceremony and reception at the Shangrila Paris with a photo shoot at the Trocadero Eiffel Tower and other famous places in the city.

Historic ballrooms & Staircase

Paris is famous for it’s long history, for it’s beauty and outstanding art and architecture. If you want this to be reflected on your wedding day as well, then you will fall for the historic ballrooms at the Shangrila Paris. Every room is decorated in a different historical style and in different colors (see more below). You just need to choose which ones fits best to your style and color theme of your dream wedding at the Shangri-La Paris.

shangrila paris wedding ballroom

Which events to celebrate there ?

This wedding hotel in Paris offers spaces for different kinds of celebrations and also for different sized of events:

Shangrila Paris elopement

Hands down, the Shangrila Paris is one of my favorite elopement locations in Paris. Just get an Eiffel Tower view room for a couple of nights and you are set: We’ll have your elopement ceremony on your balcony with a view on the Eiffel Tower and take more elopement photos around the Shangri-La Paris.

Shangrila Paris wedding

No doubt, if you are planning your destination wedding in Paris, either a small and intimate wedding or a bigger celebration, you should consider a Shangrila Paris wedding. This Paris wedding venue has everything you need to celebrate your love: beautiful locations for photos, ceremony and reception, delicious food and catering and the Shangrila Paris can also help you coordinate and decorate your wedding.

Shangrila Paris vow renewal

The Hotel Shangri La Paris is also a wonderful location for your wedding vow renewal. As a photographer in Paris I have shot married couples renewing their vows with a view on the Eiffel Tower. They loved it to be completely private on their balcony of their Eiffel Tower view room and to celebrate their wedding anniversary in such a magical setting.

shangri-la vow renewal

Shangrila Paris wedding photos

Also if you are not planning on actually getting married at the Shangri-La Paris, you can take beautiful wedding photos there during your stay at the hotel. For example if you are traveling to Paris on your honeymoon and already got married back home, but you still want to take a few photos in your wedding outfits. Or maybe you are not married yet and would like to shoot pre-wedding photos at the Shangri-La Paris to announce your wedding.

Best spots to use at the Shangri-la Paris/

Now that you know everything about your Shangrila Paris wedding, you need to choose the event spaces that are a fit for your celebration.

Eiffel Tower terrace suite (La suite Shangri-La)

As the name implies this suite is located at the last floor and comes with a terrace that faces the Eiffel Tower. Your intimate Shangrila Paris wedding should take place at the terrace suite if you dream of these swoonworthy Eiffel Tower views for your celebration – and you don’t have many guests.

Events: elopement, vow renewal, intimate wedding, wedding photos
Great for: photos, ceremony, cocktail
Type: outdoor
Capacity: 2-20

Eiffel Tower view rooms

The Shangri-La Paris offers several rooms with balconies that offer stunning views on the Eiffel Tower. For instance the Terrace Eiffel view room, The suite Gustav Eiffel or the Duplex Terrace Eiffel view suite are great rooms to celebrate your small and Shangri-La Paris elopement ceremony.

Events: elopement, vow renewal, wedding photos
Great for: photos, ceremony
Type: outdoor
Capacity: 2-8

Grand Salon

The Grand Salon was used to celebrate engagement parties of royals and aristocrats. This golden ballroom with large chandeliers is decorated in the Louis XIV style and perfect for an elegant and glamorous Shangrila Paris wedding.

Events: wedding, wedding photos
Great for: photos, ceremony, cocktail, reception
Type: indoor
Capacity: 90-180

La salle a manger (dining room)

This renaissance style room decorated in green and gold tells stories about Napoleons conquests and victories. It is a beautiful salon to celebrate your intimate Shangri La Paris wedding or elopement.

Events: elopement, vow renewal, intimate wedding, wedding photos
Great for: photos, ceremony, cocktail
Type: indoor
Capacity: 50-100

Salon de La Famille

The Salon de la Famille is a beautiful pale blue and golden room in the Empire style. This feminine event space is perfect for your intimate Shangrila Paris wedding.

Events: elopement, vow renewal, intimate wedding, wedding photos
Great for: photos, ceremony, cocktail, reception
Type: indoor
Capacity: 20-80

Grand staircase

When celebrating your elopement, vow renewal or wedding at the Shangri La Paris, let’s not miss the Grand staircase to shoot some wedding photos there. Also the lobby, gallery and rotonde are beautiful places to get some great shots of the two of your on your wedding day at the Shangri La Paris

Events: wedding photos
Great for: photos
Type: indoor
Capacity: 2



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