Couple in Paris at Inception bridge


Jas & Dev have always loved traveling! So when they saw the pictures from the Eiffel Tower couple photoshoot that I did with their close friends, they felt that it was the perfect excuse to go to Paris (among others) to discover the city of love and at the same time have a couple photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower and a few other locations!

Jas & Dev are from Australia! They’ve already been married for a few years so it was not an engagement or a honeymoon photo session, but just a simple couple photoshoot in Paris. And when we started talking about the locations, I understood that Jas was literally in love with the Eiffel Tower!  She sent me a few from my pictures that she picked on my website as an inspiration to show me the locations she had in mind, and this would include nothing less than 3 different stops for the Eiffel Tower only!

1st stop for our couple photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower: BIR-HAKEIM BRIDGE

(aka the ‘Inception’ bridge, because of the movie)

We met there and chatted a bit before starting taking pictures. They also told me they would appreciate any kind of guidance regarding poses and best opportunities for pictures, which I always provide anyway! Jas & Dev loved how we could mix photos of this bridge with the Eiffel Tower. So we made sure to have photos along the railing, but also under the bridge where the subway is passing (it’s a bridge on the bridge, yes!).  Sun was rising at this perfect time so the light was just gorgeous. I managed to have pictures with and without people but I post here the one with the subway and passers-by as I felt it’s quite nicely lively and balanced.

Couple photoshoot at EIffel Tower (from bridge/river)

2nd stop: one of the best views for an Eiffel Tower couple photoshoot: TROCADERO

When you’re into pictures at the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero is an absolute must ! Definitely the #1 location for couple photos including the Eiffel Tower. So Jas & Dev of course wanted to include some pictures over there, which we did. It was still early enough to beat the crowds and have great couple photos in the Trocadero stairs and platform overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel tower stairs with couple photoshoot in Paris

They wanted a mix of casual and posed pictures there, so they could come back home afterwards with a good variety of Paris couple photography. We were lucky enough that the spots were almost empty at this early hour of the day.

3rd stop : Building & street views on the EIffel Tower for our couple photoshoot

After Jas changed wardrobe,  we made a couple of quick stops with nice street corners around the Eiffel Tower offering a great view on the iron lady. I love those angles, both from this dead end street where they could sit and enjoy casual shots with a great view, and the one in the middle from the lively street and on the pedestrian crossing.

The part of our couple photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower was over but we were not done yet! So after a quick café break and stop at a bakery that Jas spotted, we were able to make a couple of more stops.

Last stops for our couple photoshoot : LOUVRE & PLACE VENDOME

Jas & Dev wanted some shots with the Louvre pyramid and courtyard, including some with the reflection and pyramid in the background. As an engagement photographer in Paris, it’s one of my favorite spots as I love the mix of modern and classic architecture there ! It’s such a great playground for photography !

Couple photo session at Louvre pyramid
Couple photoshoot at Chanel Shop in Paris

And finally we headed to the Chanel blue door (love those shots!) that Jas noticed beforehand on my Instagram, and this nice covered arch looking so classy. It really was a perfect morning with this energetic, fun couple to hang with ! Merci and see you soon in Paris for more couple photoshoots ! By Pierre TORSET – Paris Photographer

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All Photos by Pierre Torset - Paris photographer