Wedding Chateau near Paris

wedding chateau near paris

Dream Wedding at this Chateau near Paris with Roselina and Morten

Roselina and Morten are professional latino dancers. The kind that wins world competitions. But don’t expect that they would show off during their wedding! They actually had a very simple waltz, which I felt was telling a lot about them. Humble, relatable and simple. And the sweetest !!!

They decided for a wedding chateau near Paris for their wedding venue, to make it easy and simple for all of their guests. And they were lucky to have the most beautiful day ! Here is a selection of their wedding pictures and more information about their wedding below !

Their Love story!

How 2 professional dancers meet ? On a dance competition of course ! They kept seeing each other on different competitions worldwide, even if Roselina was living in Hong Kong (but originally from Bulgaria) and Morten in Denmark where he was born. Chance (or Destiny ?) gave them the opportunity to become dance partners. While they were talking about this possibility over the phone, Roselina joked that it would be nice to to discuss this during a lunch appointment (which was obviously not possible considering they were still living on opposite sides of the planet). But Morten decided to take her word for it.  He packed his suitcase and flew to Hong Kong to have the promised lunch and spend a few days together to see how they were getting along. But they did more than clicking professionally because Morten actually never returned from this trip, and stayed there to live there with Roselina.”

A few years later Morten and Roselina were attending a competition in Paris. Paris has always been a special place for them as they have been traveling regularly for dance competitions together and they always have used the chance to enjoy some romantic time in the city of lights. For example they loved walking the streets of Paris, and during an evening stroll near the sparkling Eiffel Tower, Morten asked Roselina to marry. She said yes and it was obvious for them that the wedding had to happen in France.

wedding chateau near paris
wedding ceremony chateau paris

Why choosing this chateau near Paris for their wedding?

They decided to look for a wedding chateau near Paris, that could provide a great background for pictures and enough accommodation. They decided to pick Chateau de Courcelles Le Roy as they felt in love by browsing online, both with the chateau and the stunning nature around (including a lake) !

The Chateau itself is actually closed as the interior hasn’t been renovated, which gives the place a dreamy and enchanted feel, but the venue offers accommodation in modern settings all around, including a swimming pool. So they actually enjoyed a few days there with their friends and family.

paris wedding chateau

They rented this Chateau near Paris to spend time with their loved ones. The whole placehas a great feel of a vacation home with plenty of guest rooms, including some renovated with historical interior, which were perfect for our getting ready pictures !

From a photography perspective, this Chateau de Courcelles Le Roy is just a treat ! It looks good from any angle, and is neither too small nor too big. It’s also great because you have plenty of space around it and you can combine pictures of the Chateau with the ceremony, trees, path, well, etc. so it’s always a great playground for any wedding Paris photographer to have those different perspectives.

paris wedding chateau vintage-car

Perfect wedding day in this Chateau near Paris!

The Ceremony itself happened in front of the Chateau, using a gorgeous arch as a background too. The venue actually took care of the floral decoration. Their Paris Celebrant Laura from The Paris Officiant prepared a beautiful ceremony based on their love-story (find more about her weddings and elopements in Paris)

Then we took the time to do an epic couple photo session around the Chateau. I realized all the potential of having a couple being professional dancers : you could definitely tell they know how to move in front of a camera ! I usually guide my couples a lot but I did not have much to do here because they always had a lot of ideas ! We had a lot of fun by including the Chateau of course, but also the vintage car and Roselina’s veil !!! Such a wonderful time and conditions were perfect !!! 

The reception took place the stables ! At least what used to be the stables and that have been renovated and designed to host events and wedding diners ! 

wedding chateau paris reception

Roselina & Morten are very busy with teaching and competing worldwide, so they did not have much time to plan their destination wedding. That’s why they decided to focus on the following elements: great photographs, personal ceremony, and a beautiful venue for their wedding chateau near Paris that could take care of the decoration and catering, keeping it simple and beautiful.

By PIERRE TORSET – Paris Wedding Photographer
(also shooting Elopements in paris)



All Photos by Pierre Torset - Paris photographer