One thing is for sure : A & J didn’t lack ideas! Going for a winter wedding is already not the easiest task but on top of that those two lovers decided for a couple photography session two days before their actual wedding day, just a few days before Christmas…

No sooner said than done on a mid december day , I met my couple at the famous bridal dress shop “Pronuptia Paris” for the last preparations and refinements. As if they had their bridal shower. It is precisely on this romantic playground where the future bridal couple discovered each other in their wedding outfits… A perfect setting for the couple photographer: all those romantic dresses and enchanting accessories against the background of the shop abundantly decorated for Christmas could playfully be integrated in the photographs. And even one more plus: far and wide there were no other clients in the shop on this rainy afternoon, it belonged only to the loving couple and their Paris photographer – how lucky we were !

After those magic moments in the shop the couple and their photographer venture outside, heading to the city hall of the same “arrondissement” (Paris district). How glamorous – the opulent staircase in the entrance hall, the solemn wedding hall and the hall with magnificent colorful stained glass windows!

And in the end follows the marvelous Christmas market topped with an old carousel. If you would like to enjoy a ride for free, just ask for it – as long as you wear your wedding dresses and you have a photographer with you, nobody will deny your wish! 😉 A & J enjoyed this atmospheric completion of their couple photoshoot in Paris, they even don’t mind the rain. On the contrary the reflections on the wet street asphalt and the big umbrella under which the couple comes closer add up to the romantic mood on the Christmas market.

Even all good things come to an end – but not before this last picture shot: A & J visibly enjoying their role playing in the window of the wedding dress shop (scroll down to the last picture). 

This was really an original photography shot in Paris with a couple full of tenderness, humor and inventiveness. Many thanks to them!

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All Photos by Pierre Torset - Paris photographer