Eiffel Tower family photo session

Our photshoot in Paris with Krista, Greg and their daughter Theia started by mid-morning with the Eiffel Tower. When I saw Theia from afar, I knew at once that it was going to be a fun session ! Smiling, jumping , running and trying to catch pigeons around…:)

Family Photo session at the Eiffel Tower

Taking pictures of children is one of the nicest and at the same time most challenging types of lifestyle photography : every session is different and you have to keep creative and imaginative to catch their attention ! Every time, it takes all my experience of former photojournalist photographer to be able to do it !  Getting a child’s attention is no easy task ! You often are the one running after them or trying to play tricks to have them looking at the camera (sometimes cheap ones, and you feel bad that they saw you through). But one thing is fore sure : when they have decided they don”t want to be taken into pictures anymore, well…  you’re in for a hard time !

But the opposite is true as well : when you get those moments with a perfect balance between posing and candid, when you get to create a stage for a child in which he or she can express oneself, then you get the perfect conditions to create beautiful child or family portraits. And if Paris is in the background, it can’t get any better !!!

After this family photo session at the Eiffel Tower with their Paris family Photographer, we all went to Louvre. But on the way we did a quick stop in a little street because Krista & Greg wanted a few couple pictures on their own. A rose was waiting for us there on the edge of a window, so we thanked the Tower spirits for the nice prop, and went on with our photoshoot. We were still early enough to beat the crowd in Louvre and make some great photography around without much people. The little break in between was perfect to have Theia relaxing a bit, and she was still in a great mood to be playful and send me a few charming smiles and laughs. Just a perfect family portrait session in Paris !

Paris family photographer

Family photoshoot at Eiffel Tower

Paris photographer for family

Paris family photographer

Couple with street view of Eiffel Tower

Family picture at Louvre in Paris

child photographer in Paris

By Pierre TORSET – Paris Photographer



All Photos by Pierre Torset - Paris photographer