Prewedding photoshoot paris

prewedding photoshoot paris

The plan was simple! A pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris in the morning and for the afternoon ? Well, getting married of course!  Isn’t it what a pre-wedding photo session is about? Jenny and Nate decided to tie the knot in Paris but it was equally important to have wonderful photos of them in paris.

(You can check the blogpost about their Paris Elopement at the Ritz Hotel).

Jenny knew she would have plenty of pictures with her wedding gown during her ceremony and wedding photos in the afternoon, so she decided to have 2 different dresses for her morning pre-wedding photo session around paris.

The first one was my favorite! A gorgeous mermaid golden dress! We talked about it beforehand by email and we decided this one would be perfect for the first spot of our early morning prewedding photo session : The Eiffel Tower at Trocadero platform and stairs. I recommended Jenny & Nate to start early in the morning or this location. It’s a popular one and can get busy pretty quickly, especially with the beautiful view overlooking the Eiffel Tower. So we met at this location by early morning, and we were getting along right away! They were so excited by their time in paris already, and even more by the prewedding photoshoot, and of course the upcoming wedding later in the day! After giving them some basics and tips about our photoshoot and possible poses, we started right away with pictures!

paris pre-wedding photoshoot
prewedding photo-shoot paris
eiffel tower prewedding photoshoot
trocadero prewedding photoshoot
prewedding photoshoot paris golden gate
golden gate paris

Then Jenny kept the same dress for a couple more locations. It was actually a PERFECT match with the golden gate, even if we were not sure we could do pictures there, because by arriving at the spot, we had a big issue ! There was a truck right in front of the stairs and gate being currently unloaded. The truth is that this gate is the main entrance to a museum, so this can always happen, even if it was quite unlikely because of the early time. After negotiating with the security and driver (being French helps a lot in those cases), I managed to have 10min to do the pictures… directly from the truck ! You can see it with the behind the scenes video here 😉 And I’m so happy with the outcome, the dress and this location seemed to have been done for each other!

Last but not least, Jenny used this dress for another gorgeous sight : the Louvre. The creamy stone color of the architecture was fitting so well with the golden dress. It was also contrasting very well with the glass and metal feel from the pyramid. I was honestly so thrilled !

paris photoshoot louvre
paris photoshoot golden dress
louvre paris prewedding
louvre pyramid photoshoot
louvre pyramid photo session
prewedding paris photographer
paris prewedding photography
prewedding paris louvre
golden dress paris photoshoot
glamour prewedding paris
prewedding photo session-paris
pre wedding paris photographer
paris pre wedding photo-shoot
prewedding paris arch

It was now time for the 2nd dress : a beautiful burgundy dress that would be a great fit for those locations : the Pont Alexandre III with its golden staues, and Concorde square with its beautiful fountain.

They just were looking gorgeous together and you could tell how much they loved each other. The dresses were both more meant for elegant posed pictures, but we still managed to have great candid photos of the two of them either walking or just having a great time together.

paris prewedding fountain
prewedding paris red dress
paris prewedding photo
paris prewedding bridge
pre wedding paris photos
couple photoshoot paris bridge
pre wedding pierre photographer
prewedding photoshoot alexandreiii

I actually did have a wonderful time with the 2 of them, this is what they said about why they were picking me and about their experience from the pre-wedding Paris photoshoot to their wedding later in the day :

We looked through 6-7 photographers portfolios and thought your portfolio was the most fitting for our vision: artisically airy, soft, feminine, ROMANTIC. And we loved how you captured landscape. We wanted to capture the beautiful landscape of Paris (with Nate and I in it) and you did that PERFECTLY !



All Photos by Pierre Torset - Paris photographer